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“After watching RMC on YouTube, it was amazing to visit the Cave for coffee and tea. The setup is great and there are so many systems to try.”

Jon Junell, 5 stars – Google Reviews

Whether you are looking for an exciting day out for your team or a fun venue to visit with your nostalgic friends, at Retro Collective we have you covered with a vast collection of computers, games and arcades from across the ages.

Both The Cave and Arcade Archive can be booked for morning and afternoon slots, together or individually, for groups of up to 30. Food can be provided on request.

For information on booking corporate days, including pricing, please contact us.

Corporate / Private bookings available
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Random Access Memories
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The first mouse was made by Doug Engelbart in 1964. It was made from wood and was used to conduct what's now called "The mother of all demos"

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